Cooperative Biofruit-Vétroz

Implanted in the heart of the orchard in Vétroz, Biofruits SA is an organisation that regroups and commercialises the vegetable and fruit production of 9 producers of the French speaking part of the Valais.

Conservatory orchard of the Valaisan fruit trees inaugurated in Vétroz

The association and foundation “Rétropomme, for the safeguarding of the fruit heritage of Western Switzerland”, was set up in 1987 in Vétroz. The “verger conservatoire valaisan” (Valaisan conservatory orchard) is a veritable living museum of the Valaisan fruit trees and has an area of two hectares. It was inaugurated on 10th September 2011.

In 2003, the “conservatory orchards” were created to ensure the conservation and distribution of the regions fruit varieties. The association “Rétropomme” tried to inventory the standing trees in Western Switzerland giving priority to the ones that still had an identity. The archives of the bourgeoisie and the families were consulted in order to record the story of a variety in traditions of the region.

In the Valais, the Rhone is one of the most favourable areas to cultivate fruit. The dryness and low rainfall create ideal conditions for the cultures without the use of pesticides. The “verger conservatoire valaisan” (Valaisan conservatory orchard) is the 5th in Western Switzerland (French speaking part). It came after those in cantons Jura, Neuchâtel, Fribourg and Vaud. Over 500 fruit trees and 140 varieties, consisting of apple, pear, apricot, cherry, sour cherry, plum and peach trees constitute a living museum of the Valaisan fruit heritage.

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