Vineyard Trail by bike

Un parcours cyclable de 82 km, qui fait partie des circuits de "la Suisse à vélo".

The Vineyard Trail takes you from Martigny all the way to Leuk along the Rhone valley. There are three possibilities: walk, bike or drive.
Wherever you see the River Rhone in the Valais, the vineyards on the steep mountain flanks immediately catch your eye. They stretch down the valley for 100 kilometres from Visp to Lac Lèman, covering an area of 12,850 acres. The largest band of vineyards, an almost continuous ribbon on the north slopes, lies between Leuk and Martigny. 
Below the vineyards, flanked by Alpine ridges, flows the Rhone. The river has fashioned the landscape for thousands of years, and still does today. Characteristic are the hills and steep slopes, which are favourable for top-quality wine cultivation. The four main types of grape are Chasselas (Fendant), Johannisberg, Pinot noir and Gamay. But local types such as Amigne, Humagne, Petite Arvine, Resi (Rèze) or Cornalin are also being increasingly planted. Alongside these are rarer «specialities» such as Lafnetscha, Himbertscha or Gwäss, but also better-known types like Malvoisie (Pinot gris), Marsanne blanche (Ermitage), Heida (Paien) and Syrah.
The best times for vineyard visits are spring and autumn. In summer it’s hot and humid. A vineyard hike in winter is also an attractive alternative.

Here is the vineyard by bike.
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