Ancient buildings

La Pontaise

After the 1525 gothic bell tower, La Pontaise is the second oldest building still standing in Ardon.
Its age, the quality of its construction, the fine conservation of its historic materials and the richness of its details (twin windows, vaulted corridors, the painted room in the turret, wooden rooms, etc.) make it a building of great interest. Its size and the height of its wooden rooms remind us of its greatness.
The origin of its double name, La Pontaise or the Castle, is yet to be understood by historians. Nevertheless, the story of its owners is well known. The commune has owned this house since 1974. Previously, for over a century (mid 19th century until 1964), it belonged to Joseph Marie Bérard and several generations of his descendents, one of whom built the neighbouring house that now holds the communal library and school. During the first part of the 19th century, La Pontaise was called the Ardon Farm and was owned by the Riedmatten-Kuntschen family, descendents of the Kuntschen family.
Its present appearance is the result of both the construction of 1649 (date engraved on the lintel of the main door) and other transformations. The turret was added in 1726, which gave it its final form. Other changes made in 1871 or 1964 mainly affected the inside of the building.

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Relais du Valais

The bourgeoisie of Vétroz recently acquired this imposing building dating from 1736. It is a place of communal exchange for residents and tourists seeking good food and fine wines.

Its interior contains beautiful dry stone arches. It consists of a restaurant, a wine cellar and several elegantly decorated rooms that can be rented for banquets, conferences, seminars and exhibitions.

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