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The Lizerne valley

Right bank of the Derborence valley


Isières is a terrace above Ardon. It formally was a “mayens” area reserved for pastoral farming, but nowadays it is a sunny vineyard surrounded by coppice of deciduous and coniferous forests. At the top of the slope, you reach the Mayen de la Montau, a solitary building in the centre of a glade. Towards the west, a forest path leads to Routia, where you will enjoy spectacular views of the Chamoson region. You can then continue your way up the mountain towards the picturesque Alpage de Vertsan.

The main path, frequently interrupted by torrents, leaves Montau to enter the Lizerne valley. During the summer and the winter, avalanches fall into the torrents. This explains the wilderness and the flora of the entire region.

You then continue through the Mayens de l’Airette, starting point of the trail towards the Alpage d’Einzon and the Itre du Bouis. From the Mayens de la Grandzeu (glade in the forest or big forest), the path becomes a trail through ravines and forests to arrive in Derborence.



Alpage d’Einzon


The Einzon corrie has a diameter of about 1 km. This semicircle offers a unique view of the Rhone plain and the Lizerne valley. At an altitude of 1680 m, its alpine pasture is still in use.




L’Itre du Bouis

The Itre du Bouis is situated above the Einzon stables at an altitude of 2’000m. This dry stone cabin with a slate roof was used for cheese making, cooking and a dormitory for shepherds. As part of the protection of regional heritage, this precious memory of the past was renovated to its former state by the commune of Ardon .


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