The Bisses d’Isières / La Tine

This bisse has been channelled since 1960. The walk starts with a pretty passage through the forest to join the wild and rugged Tine valley. The trail is practicable but it does require a little experience on this type of terrain. A small tunnel precedes a water supply point. The only source of water in this valley is the snow melt water which explains why there is very little water in the early season... we now understand why the Bisse d’Eindzon was built (dry bisse), it was supposed to supply water to this area.


This walk starts in Montau, which is accessible by the very steep route above Ardon (27 %). At the intersection with the road that enters the Derborence valley, take a left and carry on 200 meters. When you arrive at the gritting tank on the side of the road, follow the steel pipe that will lead you to the path that replaced the bisse. The course is beautiful while being vertiginous at times. The final path goes to the water supply point in the Tine where you go through a small tunnel and then return the same way.
N.B.: It is possible to start this walk on foot from Ardon; see the Ardon-Derborence walk.


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