Deux jours pour rompre (Après-midi)

When you have a problem, who do you call for help? His mother, of course!

That's what journalist Sylvie thinks when she learns that the police are investigating the marriage she only entered into because she was broke. But it could be that Marie, her moody mother, who promises her to settle everything IN TWO TAGEN, only complicates the situation.

Add to that a high-strung teenage daughter who's just been dumped and is coming home, a relentless inspector whose police station has burned down, and a perfect fiancé ready to propose.... So many burning fuses for one explosion.... of laughter!

A fast-paced and very effective generational comedy with women with explosive temperament!

Practical Information :

- Evening tariff : 55.-
- Afternoon tariff : 50.- (In the afternoon theater)
- Under 18 years : 35.-
- 10% on all tickets with the Showtime card, which you can order at

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Date: 21.03.2024 15:00 - 17:00
adresse Salle polyvalente de Conthey
localite 1964 Conthey
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