Marianne James

Sing! There are those who know, and those who do not know.... those who think they know... and those who do not know that they know.

We all dream of singing perfectly, of having that voice that tomorrow will make people applaud us when we hum something, be it to inspire ourselves when we sing in the shower, be it to get the applause of our children to whom we sing nursery rhymes, be it to impress our friends at karaoke or be it to make a professional career.

To prove yourself as a singer, there is nothing better than singing lessons, and who better than THE voice expert in France: Marianne James!

Marianne will share all her knowledge with us in this show, tracing the evolution of singing from the caves of Lascaux to Céline Dion. She will put her voice and ours to the test to sing in unison.

More than a musical performance, more than a lecture on singing, Marianne proposes us an encounter! her own and that of ourselves with our voice.

Singing is a bit like the unveiling of one's soul. Marianne opens us the doors of her heart and lets us live an extraordinary experience!

Practical information :

- Price evening event: 55.-
- Under 18 years: 35.-
- 10% on all ticket sales with the Showtime card, which can be ordered at

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Date: 29.05.2024 20:00 - 22:00
adresse Salle polyvalente de Conthey
localite 1964 Conthey
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