Courgette (Après-midi)

"Adults need to be shaken to bring down the child in them.

Following a family accident, Icare, aka Courgette, finds himself in a "home for skinned children" where he meets Simon, Ahmed and the mysterious Camille. There, where play and poetry become a necessity, they learn to build themselves, to "rise up" and to "sew up" their hearts... And then there's Raymond, the gendarme, who gradually takes on the role of surrogate father, and who, thanks to Courgette, also regains a taste for life... Meeting others becomes the possibility of hope, out of all determinism, by demonstrating resilience.

After Ma vie de Courgette (two Césars in 2017), Pamela Ravassard and Garlan Le Martelot adapt Gilles Paris' novel Autobiographie d'une Courgette for the stage, telling us a story full of light and music...

A favorite show of the season, for adults and children aged 9 and up.

Practical information :

- Evening price: 55.00
- Afternoon rate: 50.00 (At the theater this afternoon)
- Under 18s: 35.00
- 10% off all tickets with Showtime card, order at

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Date: 22.02.2024 15:00 - 17:00
adresse Salle polyvalente de Conthey
localite 1964 Conthey
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