I Campagnoli

Corsican polyphonies with Guy Calvelli (vocals), Louis Crispi (vocals), Alexis Vitello (vocals and guitar) and Isabelle Giannelli (violin)

This event takes place at the Church of Erde !

I Campagnoli is one of the oldest Corsican polyphony groups. Its name means "Men of the earth". Their repertoire is made up of secular and sacred songs and creations. They perform mainly in churches, where the power of the songs takes its full dimension. The group was born in 1989, from the passion of some young people of Nebbiu and Bastia for polyphonic singing. Over the decades, the group has reinvented itself, focusing on a few singers and introducing instruments to accompany the purity of the voices.

Discover with I Campagnoli the richness of a land where singing is present in all acts of life.

We are happy to welcome the "Choeurs Mixtes Ste Cécile & Cécilia" from Ardon and St-Séverin for a magical and unique moment.

Practical information :

- Full price : 30.00
- Less than 18 years old : 25.00
- Less than 10 years old : 0.00
- This show is not part of the Conthey Show season ticket
- Valaisan Passport, AG Culturel, Abobo, accepted on reservation
- For more information:

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Date: 06.06.2023 20:00 - 22:00
adresse Église cath.-rom. de la Sainte-Famille
localite 1976 Erde
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