The Bisse sec d‘Eindzon (The dry Bisse of Eindzon)

This alpine bisse that supplied the Tine was built around 1900 to gather the thaw water from the north-west side of the Haut de Cry. Nowadays, it is abandoned and only a few traces remain: above the Itre du Bouis, they are still visible in the limestone face of the “Cheval”, but the passage is difficult and dangerous. The bisse starts at 2112 m, the course is 1.88 km long and finishes at 1935 m. It ran above the Chalet and Grenier d’Eindzon, where the alpine pasture is still used.
This bisse was never really used, hence its name: the losses and infiltration were too heavy for it to function properly. In addition, the flow would have been very irregular due to the snow thaw and the needs of the alpine pasture would have been disadvantaged. There is very little rainfall in the region. Due to a drought, on 31st of July in the 1920s, the commune of Ardon had to bring all the cattle from Vertsan, the neighbouring alpine pasture, back down to the valley. (“Au pays des Bisses” Auguste Vautier, 1928)


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