Tour of the Diablerets landslide

Degree of difficulty : T2

This easy walk through the Diablerets landslide is suitable for families. Its pleasant path guides you to many magnificent viewpoints of the entire valley. (See also the tour of the Derborence valley).

Starting point: Godey or the Derborence lake. You can follow the path in either direction. 



Walking time 

In minute per stage


meters above sea level

Le Godey  

Arrêt du car postal 

1360 m 

La Lui 

30 mn 

1500 m

La Combe

30 mn

1500 m

Torrent des Diablerets 

25 mn

1540 m

Lac de Derborence *  

15 mn 

1450 m

Le Liapey

20 mn 

1360 m

Le Godey  

20 mn 

1360 m                               

Total time and change in altitude

2 hours 20 

+ - 180 mètres 

*Tour of the Lake of Derborence + 30 mn