"A world of shapes and colors

Chantal Galloppini and Chantal Dorsaz-Chabbey, two friends who share a passion for painting, have known each other since their school days.

Chantal Galloppini has been expressing herself through her creations for more than fifteen years. Her paintings are a window on her life, her emotions, her thoughts.

Acrylic paint allows her to work in spontaneity and speed, by superimposed layers. We find in his paintings a permanent search for freedom in his way of being in the world and an enthusiasm that reflects his personality.

Self-taught artist, she uses and innovates new techniques thanks to a multitude of tools. Her creations are worked with a knife, a spalter, a sponge.... She adds pigments, chalks, collages and mixed textures that are placed on different supports, such as wood, cardboard, canvas, paper.

She identifies shapes that she develops in color and by drawing with Indian ink. In this way, she intuitively creates characters and landscapes that can remind her of other real or imaginary worlds.

Chantal does not give titles to her works, to allow the spectators to make a very personal reading.

Chantal Dorsaz-Chabbey presents a series of paintings created over the past five years. After a busy professional life in the world of teaching, she wanted to explore painting, an unknown world for her, but one that has always attracted her.

She likes to work in the abstract, which offers her great freedom and allows the use of many techniques: tar, rust, concrete, collage, pigment... With the abstract, there are no limits, only the search for harmony and emotion, the expression of her personality, her sensitivity. For her, painting is a way to focus on oneself, to disconnect from everyday life, to free oneself from tensions, to explore another dimension.

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Date: 05.05.2023 - 01.07.2023
adresse Tour Lombarde
localite 1975 St-Séverin
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