Chantale Heimo is a Swiss sculptor and visual artist, a graduate of the Disseny School of Art in Olot (ES) and a member of visarte Valais. Her work develops around the theme of the relationship between energy and matter, the macro and micro cosmos. Chantale's work is a dialogue between the visible and the invisible. Through the creation of volumes, sculptures and installations, she questions the interconnectedness of the whole of which we are a part. Her works, with their pure curves, are soft and harmonious.

Stéphane Meier, a Swiss painter from Savièse with a degree in architecture from EPFL, offers a pictorial universe where "color spaces" respond to each other in a mainly dual relationship. The compositions balance each other and create a narrative in tension, minimalist, symbolic, spiritual and poetic. It is in the chromatic and textural treatment of the parts that much is at stake, the successive strata conferring an impression of depth and transparency, favoring emergences and inviting us to journey towards our inner selves.

The two artists' works respond to each other and resonate with each other, seeking to connect our senses and our inner selves. Each in his own way, they investigate a form of "spirituality" in matter.

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