Le Godey (Derborence) – Alpage de Tsanfleuron (Col du Sanetsch)

Echelle de difficulté : T3
Variante : Mié - Cabane de Prarochet - Col du Sanetsch ou Glacier 3000

The climb to La Lui along the embankment of the dam (take a right at the Post Bus stop) is more pleasant than following the road that starts in front of the inn. The trail is easy until you reach the Lizerne, then the climb to the Poteu des Etales (corridor) is quite steep and stony. The “Poteu” is equipped with ropes and ladders. This walk is to be avoided if you are scared of heights. Great care must be taken as the terrain is slippery.

At the Chaux de Mié Pass or Scex Rouge Pass, you enter the famous Lapiaz de Tsanfleuron (Tsanfleuron limestone pavement): one of the largest stretches of karst rocks in Europe.

Another option: Climb to the Cabane de Prarochet (from the Alpage de Mié ou the Scex-Rouge Pass) then return to the Sanestch Pass. See also


Walking time

(in minute per stage)

meters above sea level

Le Godey Arrêt car postal


La Lui

40 mn


La Lizerne

30 mn


Poteu des Etales

50 mn

1840 -2000

Alpage de Mié (bif. pour Prarochet)

30 mn

2094 - 2086

Col du Scex-Rouge ou de Mié

55 mn


Alpage de Tsanfleuron (car postal)

35 mn


Total time and change in altitude  4h00 + 952 m
-  205 m