I Muvrini


I Muvrini is a diamond, a rough diamond. Its lineage is none other than that of an "earth-source", its earth, which unceasingly connects it to all the individuals of the world, to everything that makes the world a soul. I Muvrini is a breath of soul.

Like a small uninterrupted stream, they grow by defying this desolation, this sectarianism through the contempt of the small languages destined to seem exotic or silent, limited to an exaggerated reference to folklore or even to a tradition.

By singing in one of these marginalized, forbidden and reduced languages, I Muvrini open a circle that seemed impossible, they tear down the barriers. There they reach out to those who do not yet understand that the world is inhabited by the diversity and plurality of our cultures.

Far from art for art's sake, I Muvrini cultivate art for life's sake. Their own poetics is that of anger, which is added to action, to imagination, to the artist affected by the state of the world.

In their new album "Più Forti - Plus forts" I Muvrini tell us: "In the face of danger we are stronger together". Without giving up anything of what they are, with lyrics of deep power, I Muvrini offer us their vocal, organic, poetic universe and this spiritual dimension inherited from the Corsican polyphony.

Practical information :

- Tickets for the evening: 85.- / 65.-.
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Date: 13.10.2023 20:00 - 22:00
adresse Salle polyvalente de Conthey
localite 1964 Conthey
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